Sales Tax Integrations

Sales and Use Tax Compliance

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Does your business collect sales tax? If the answer is yes, which of the 10,000 U.S. sales and use tax jurisdictions is most important to your business? Yours!

When it comes to addressing your sales and use tax calculation challenges, CCH® SureTax® has your business covered. CCH SureTax combines industry-leading tax rates and taxability content with precise jurisdiction information, supporting the most complex sourcing and tax calculation rules found in sales and use tax.

By integrating your Drupal platform with CCH SureTax, your business will be using the same sales and use tax rates and taxability data selected by the IRS for 12 consecutive years.

Why Your Business Needs Sales Tax Compliance

Your sales and use tax obligations are governed by state and local taxing authorities (over 10,000). Today, states are increasingly aggressive, collecting sales tax from out-of-state online retailers. Meeting your sales tax obligations means:

Understanding NEXUS (your business’s geographic and sales footprint) Applying, collecting, and remitting the correct sales tax rate by product and by location. Understanding the various taxability rules across the U.S.

Deploying CCH SureTax ensures that your rates and taxability information are accurate and current, enables proper collection and remittance, and provides the tools you will need for audit responses.

CCH® SureTax® - Support Business Growth and Mitigate Audit Exposure

  • Accuracy of Tax Rates and Taxability Coverage
  • Flexible Integration Options
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Support for Specialized Industry Verticals

Calculating sales tax accurately requires more complex rules than the standard Drupal engines offer. With CCH? SureTax?, you can replace the Drupal-based zip code .