It went from a site that served hundreds of users per month to a site that serves about 1500 users per day.

Part of the stewardship of the past year included migrating an LMS in another system over to Opigno. This represented a very large effort. He consolidated our old LMS into Opigno so that we could leverage all of our academy programs in one system.

I have found that Jim keeps his stakeholders happy and produces high quality features. He is a Drupal expert and demonstrated expertise in both configuring Drupal to do his will by leveraging functionality in core and community modules and writing custom modules to build functionality unique to our needs.

Jim is an Acquia certified developer and he demonstrates proficiency across many varied aspects of Drupal. If you give Jim good business requirements he will build functionality that meets the requirements and he will also work with a stakeholder who is non-technical to help him/her think out what they are trying to do and design a solution that will solve the problem the stakeholder is trying to solve.

I recommend Jim as a talented Drupal developer who will work hard to get your project done on time.

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